Quick Broccoli Chickpea Thai Red Curry

When I get a Thai food craving this can be whipped up quicker than ordering Thai food for delivery! I’ve made this 3 times this past month because it takes 15 minutes, is healthy and filling.  After coming home from work an easy recipe is all I need!


The main ingredients are Thai Kitchen’s red Thai curry paste, veggies, chickpeas, coconut milk, ginger and garlic. I throw in roasted cashews for some crunch. I use a combination of light and full fat coconut milk for added creaminess.  It can be served with rice or quinoa.  I enjoy eating it on its own as well as the broccoli soaks up the coconut milk if you have leftovers the next day.

[lt_recipe name=”Broccoli Chickpea Thai Red Curry” summary=”Quick, filling red thai curry with broccoli and chickpeas” servings=”3-4″ total_time=”15M” print=”yes” ingredients=”3 tbsp red curry paste (Thai Kitchen);3 cloves garlic minced;1 tbsp shredded ginger;1 tbsp sesame oil;1 can of coconut milk light unsweetened;1 can of full fat coconut milk; 1 tsp sugar;1 can of chick peas;2 cups of veggies chopped;3 tbsp roasted cashews;salt to taste” ]1. Heat oil in pan and add in garlic and ginger, let cook 3 minutes on medium heat.;2. Add in veggies and cook 3-4 minutes.;3. Add in chick peas, coconut milk, sugar and red curry paste. Mix and let boil for 3 minutes. 4. Add in cashews for crunch at the end and serve![/lt_recipe]

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