10 Must Try Basmati Rice Recipes


Here are 10 excellent basmati rice recipes for you to change up your favorite gluten-free side dish. These are all vegetarian, gluten-free, and in most instances can be made vegan by substituting ghee for oil

Coconut basmati rice is delicious and simple to make with pantry ingredients

Saffron basmati rice has a delightful aroma and unique taste

South Indian lemon rice is a delicious comfort food with light spices and a tangy, refreshing taste.

Curd rice (South Indian Yogurt Rice) is a comfort food curd. It is a popular South Indian dish made by combining rice and yogurt, seasoned with spices and herbs.

Mint rice or pudina rice is refreshing and includes veggies

And more!  Click below for recipes and also learn how to make perfect fluffy basmati rice!