21 Indian Fusion Desserts


In this list I’ve included some of my favorite Indian fusion creations. Popular ones include Indian Cakes, Cookies and Cream or Oreo Barfi, Rasmalai Cake, and Kesar Pista Cupcakes to name a few! Whip something up for a Diwali sweet during festive season, celebration or just to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rasmalai cake: An easy, delicious moist, milk soaked cardamom cake with layers of rasmalai topping and rose cardamom whipped cream.

Creamy and dreamy gulab jamun ice cream! This is lightly saffron and rose  flavored with a hint of cardamom.

Easy and fun dessert, kaju katli ice cream sandwiches with a variety of toppings that kids can get in on!

Gulab jamun cake and cupcakes: Always a party hit, it is an easy, delicious,moist, saffron simple syrup-soaked cardamom cake with gulab jamun baked inside!

Kesar Pista Milk Cake: Pistachio cake soaked in saffron infused milk. Made with ground, roasted pistachios. Eggless recipe.

And many more!  Click below for 21 ideas