Paneer Substitute Ideas

Paneer is an Indian cheese used in many popular paneer recipes such as Palak Paneer, Paneer Tikka and Paneer Bhurji.  It can also be used in a variety of Indian Fusion dishes such as Jalapeno Paneer Tacos and Chili Paneer Noodles.

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A good paneer substitute includes many or most of the characteristics of paneer: – Not aged – Does not melt – Vegetarian (Paneer is animal rennet free) – Hold its shape 

Additionally, paneer can be: – Baked – Fried / pan-fried – Grilled – Grated – Heated (soft paneer crumbles) to make Indian sweets

The best paneer substitutes include queso panela, queso blanco, and firm or extra-firm tofu (for a vegan option). Click below for other options and details

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