Blood Orange Saffron Olive Oil Cake (Eggless)

Blood orange saffron olive oil cake eggless

I had to give blood oranges a whirl before the season ends.   I love seeing the varying shades of color as I cut through all of the oranges.  I knew I wanted to make a cake and I remember having an orange/saffron cake in Dubai and surprisingly loving it so I decided to roll with that.

This cake is super moist, egg less and brightened with the flavor of saffron.  The cake is moist because it uses olive oil and some sour cream.  I made a vegan version by just substituting the sour cream with Kite Hill vegan sour cream and it came out great.

The process of making the cake is pretty quick as well. I used a mix of semolina and almond flour.  Semolina is available in the Bob’s Red Mill brand amongst others.

[lt_recipe name=”Blood Orange Saffron Olive Oil Cake (Eggless)” summary=”Moist egg less blood orange cake brightened with the flavor of saffron” total_time=”1H” print=”yes” ingredients=”1 1/2 cup semolina;1/2 cup almond flour;l1/4 cup olive oil;1 cup fresh squeezed blood oranges;1 tsp baking powder;1/2 tsp baking soda;1/2 cup sugar;1/4 cup sour cream ;;For saffron syrup:;1/2 cup sugar;3/4 cup water;8 strands saffron;;For garnish:;Thinly sliced blood oranges;” ]For cake:;1. Mix dry cake ingredients and wet ingredients separately . Slowly add dry ingredients to wet ingredients, mixing until combined.;2. Pour batter into 9 inch cake pan and place thinly sliced oranges on top of batter gently. ;3. Bake in oven at 350F for 30-35 minutes.;4. Let cool.;;For saffron syrup:;1. Add sugar and saffron to water in pot and bring to a boil. Let mixture boil on low-medium until mixture thickens (about 5-7 minutes).;2. Let cool.;;Pulling it together;1. Pour saffron syrup over cake right before serving and enjoy![/lt_recipe]

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