About Me

Hi! I'm Shilpa

I’m an East Coast born and raised girl. As a 1st generation Indian, I grew up eating and learning to make delicious Indian food by the top chef in my life, my mom!

I grew up eating rotli, daal, bhaath and shaak (traditional Indian food) 3-4 days during the week and International or our experimental/newly invented dishes the rest of the week.

My parents always said to learn and take the best of both of the Eastern and Western influences in my life.  I took that literally and serve that up on a plate now!

I love all things creative including photography and I wanted a venue to share my experiments and creations, which is why I started this blog. Currently, many of my recipes are Indian fusion and International ones. Over time, I hope to build out more traditional recipes  and also build out content around Indian cooking. 

If you have any questions or make any of my dishes tag me on Instagram @some_indian_girl or drop me an email!

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