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Hi! I’m Shilpa

shilpa someindiangirl.com owner

I’m an East Coast born and raised girl. As a 1st generation Indian, I grew up eating and learning to make delicious Indian food by the top chef in my life, my mom! She has always been adventurous and that definitely applied in the kitchen as well, rubbing off on me.

I grew up eating rotli, daal, bhaath and shaak (traditional Indian Gujarati food) 3-4 days during the week and International or our experimental/newly invented dishes the rest of the week.

My parents always said to learn and take the best of both of the Eastern and Western influences in my life.  I took that literally and serve that up on a plate now!

I love all things creative including photography and I wanted a venue to share my experiments and creations, which is why I started this blog. I have a mix of both traditional and Indian fusion recipes on my site. I have a lot of desserts and have definitely become known for my sweets!

My family is from Gujarat and I love featuring the dishes from the region. Bhinda nu shaak and papdi no lot are two of my most popular traditional Gujarati recipes.

If you have any questions or make any of my dishes tag me on Instagram @some_indian_girl or drop me an email!

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