Gujarati Recipes

Khaman with tadka poured on top and dessicated coconut.

My family is from Gujarat so I have a special fondness for the delicious food from this region of India.

Despite the stereotypes, there is way more to Gujarati food than Khaman (Which is delish!). From Gujarati Kadhi which is tangy with sweet undertones to the popular Sukhdi sweet, there’s a lot to explore.

You’ll find recipes for shaaks (spiced vegetable main dishes), sweets, snacks, and pickles – all Gujarati-style! You’ve come to the right place for Gujarati dishes.

I’ve created this page as an easy way for you to explore vegetarian Gujarati food recipes and hope you find inspiration to make something new! Maybe you’ll find new Gujarati dinner ideas.

Methi thepla on a plate.

 Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is something here for everyone. I’ve learned all these recipes from my mom.

All recipes are vegetarian on my site. Where possible, I also offer alternative vegan options.

About Gujarati Food – The Perfect Balance

First things first – Gujarat, is a state in Western India.

Gujaratis are known for the HUGE amount of variety in food.  From main courses, snacks, to sweets and sides there are diverse wide-ranging options. 

Vegetarian: In India, it’s the 4th highest state in terms of the number of vegetarians.  So, the food is primarily vegetarian.

Flavor profile: Authentic Gujarati cuisine is delicious food with a balance of flavors hitting your taste buds -spicy, tangy, salty, and sweet.

Gujarati thali with kadhi, rice, puranpoli, shaak, and kachori.

You can’t peg it as mild or spicy or sweet.  It’s balanced and adjusted to each family’s preference, like most food 😊

I see a lot of people mistakenly characterizing Gujarati food as sweet.  While there is sugar added to some of our savory dishes, the reason is to bring that balance.  Not to overly sweeten the dish.

Sugar balances khattu (sour), thiku (spicy) to provide a balanced flavor profile.  Over the years as I learned more about making Gujarati food I learned by tasting the dish before adding sugar and then after what a HUGE difference it makes. 

Again, its just a little sugar.  We’re not talking crazy amounts 😊

Gujarati Thali

Traditional Gujarati thali is a platter of various types of dishes from India’s state of Gujarat. 

They can be simple with a few dishes or an elaborate thali with multiple vegetable dishes and sweets. It is typically a vegetarian platter of food served as main courses.

You can learn all about making a delicious Gujarati thali for more details.

Gujarati thali with sweet, vegetables, papad, dal, and roti.

Some common components of a typical thali across regions are rice, shaak (vegetable dishes), rotli (Indian bread), dal, Indian pickles, and Indian sweets. 

Kathiyawadi thalis may include Khichdi.

Shaaks – Vegetable Main

Growing up in a Gujarati household in the US, we regularly had traditional dishes.  Shaaks, spiced vegetable dishes, are VERY easy and make for perfect weeknight dinners.

Simple basic ingredients and Indian spices  like dhana jeeru are needed.

Serve with some roti or a piping hot plate of delicious Basmati Rice, Coconut Basmati Rice, or Brown Basmati Rice, and you are set!

If you don’t have basmati rice on hand, Sona Masoori is a great accompaniment too.

Peas Cauliflower Shaak

gobi matar or cauliflower shaak in a bowl on a gray plate.

Easy Gujarati Peas and Cauliflower Shaak (Gobi Matar Dry)

Authentic Indian Gujarati curried cauliflower and peas shaak! It's a cozy simple meal perfect for weeknight dinners and beginners just learning about Indian cooking. Easy to make and delicious!
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Bhinda Nu Shaak

Okra, Gujarati style, is a popular dish across all age groups.  This is the traditional Gujarati dish with no tomatoes.  If you want to make a variation – adding potatoes and extra garlic is a delicious alternative.

bhinda nu shaak indian okra recipes

Gujarati Bhinda Nu Shaak (Fresh or Frozen)

Traditional Indian okra recipe from Gujarat, bhinda nu shaak. Ready within 20 minutes!
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Ringan Bateta Nu Shaak

Potatoes, eggplants, and tomatoes are the primary ingredients. Tastes delicious with Khichdi too!

This Kathiyawadi dish comes together quickly and uses commonly used Indian spices

Ringan bateta nu shaak in a pan.

Best Ringan Bateta Nu Shaak (Wedding Style)

Flavorful, rasawala ringan bateta nu shaak is mouthwatering and made in 30 minutes. This popular spiced potato and eggplant dish is made Gujarati style and served at many functions.
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Tindora Nu Shaak

This is a very simple, lightly spiced shaak with tindora and potatoes.  In English, tindora is known as ivy gourd. 

Tindora nu shaak in a pan.

Tindora Nu Shaak

Tindora nu shaak is a quick, delicious vegetable dish madeof ivy gourd and potatoes. It uses a handful of simple Indian spices for an easy meal.
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Chori Nu Shaak

Chori nu shaak or chora nu shaak is a Gujarati recipe for yardlong beans. It is a simple, quick dish to make and can be made in different variations using tomatoes, corn, or potatoes.

Chori nu shaak or Indian yardlong beans in a pot.

15-Minute Chori Nu Shaak Indian Yardlong Beans Recipe

Chori nu shaak or chora nu shaak is a Gujarati recipe for yardlong beans. It is a vegetarian main dish served with fresh roti or rice and made quickly  – perfect for busy days!
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Parval Nu Shaak

Parwal is known as pointed gourd.  So, it is part of the gourd family but different from tindora or ivy gourd.

Parval sabzi pointed gourd Indian style in a pan.

20 Minute Stovetop Parval or Parwal Sabzi (Parval nu shaak)

Traditional parval or parwal recipe from Gujarat, parval sabzi.Ready within 20 minutes! Parval is pointed gourd.
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Cabbage Shaak

Cabbage shaak is a quick and delicious dish.  You can add peas or potatoes or make it with cabbage only.

Cabbage shaak in a blue bowl with cilantro garnish.

Cabbage Shaak or Cabbage Sabzi

Cabbage shaak or cabbage sabzi is ready in under 30 minutes. Add potatoes to make cabbage bateta nu shaak or peas for cabbage peas shaak.
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Sukhi Bhaji

This is an easy potato dish.  It’s one of my favorite farali foods. Easily pairs with some yogurt and masala peanuts for a filling upvas meal. 

Sukhi bhaji a farali dry potato bhaji in a silver bowl with curry leaves on a gray dish.

Sukhi Bhaji – Farali Recipe – Potato Bhaji

Ready in 10 minutes, this is a farali recipe of Gujarati potato sukhi bhaji or dry potato bhaji which is a combination of spicy, sweet, tangy and nutty.  A delicious and easy potato sabzi with nuts for extra flavor. It is made often for upvas as a bataka ni sukhi bhaji. Also known as sukhi aloo bhaji.
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Valor Muthia Nu Shaak

Hands down, valor muthia nu shaak is one of my favorite traditional Gujarati recipes.  It is made with primarily muthias and valor (papdi or flat beans).

If you don’t want to make muthia from scratch, you can easily find them frozen in Indian grocery stores! This turns it into a quick meal.

Valor muthia nu shaak in a pan.

Valor Muthia Nu Shaak

Delicious traditional Gujarati recipe for valor muthia nu shaak. It is made with primarily muthias and valor (papdi or flat bleans).
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Guvar Nu Shaak

Cluster beans or guar beans are native to India and can be found easily in Indian grocery stores.  While they look similar to French Beans they are different.  You can substitute with those if you’d like to try.

Cluster beans are smaller, thinner, and have a slightly bitter taste while French beans are longer, thicker, and do not have a bitter taste.

Guvar nu shaak

Guvar Nu Shaak Gujarati Style Stir Fry (Gawar Sabzi, Gawar Recipe)

Homestyle and simply spiced, guvar nu shaak is a quick and cozy Gujarati meal to tuck into with some warm roti! It’s lightly spiced just right to complement the unique taste of cluster beans.This traditional Indian cluster beans recipe is whipped up in 15 minutes on the stovetop. I’ve made it often, so it’s tested and ready for you!
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Bharela Bhinda Nu Shaak 

Stuffed okras are easy and so yummy!  They are slit and filled with spiced gram flour

Bharela bhinda nu shaak in an oval bowl.

Bharela Bhinda nu Shaak or Bharwa Bhindi

Bharwa bhindi or bharela bhindi nu shaak is a delicious stuffed bhindi or okra recipe that is simple to make in 25 minutes! It is a bit crisp on the outside and gives a burst of flavor and spice from the masala stuffing. It is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.
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Saragva Nu Shaak

This is a family favorite!  Have you heard of moringa or moringa tea?  Well, the pods of the moringa plant are used in this along with potatoes.

Saragva nu shaak in a white bowl.

Indian Drumstick – Saragva Nu Shaak (Potato and Moringa)

Delicious drumstick vegetable (moringa) and potato dish cooked is in a flavorful tomato and spice based gravy. Known as saragva nu shaak, this Gujarati dish tasty and simple to make.
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Karela Nu Shaak

karela nu shaak bitter melon curry

Karela Nu Shaak (bitter melon Indian style)

Bitter gourd vegetable side or shaak. Traditional Indian Gujarati dish called karela nu shaak or bateta karela shaak as it has potatoes.
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Gujarati Snacks or Lunch Items

Naasto (snacks) are our specialty 🙂


Khaman Dhokla, a popular Gujarati snack, is made from a base of gram flour.

 The batter is steamed and then a delicious tadka (tempered oil) of mustard seeds, sesame seeds, green chillies is poured on top adding a depth of flavor.

 Served with Green Chutney and sometimes even Garlic Chutney. My favorite to serve with this dhokla recipe is next!

Khaman with tadka poured on top and dessicated coconut.

Instant 30 Minute Khaman Dhokla Recipe – (Besan)

Moist and spongy traditional Gujarati khaman dhokla recipe! This instant savory besan (gram flour) khaman is a flavorful, steamed and so tasty.  This recipe uses no yogurt or curd so it is both vegetarian and vegan.
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Besan Chutney

Perfect accompaniment for khaman and easy to make!

Khaman with tadka poured on top and dessicated coconut.

Instant 30 Minute Khaman Dhokla Recipe – (Besan)

Moist and spongy traditional Gujarati khaman dhokla recipe! This instant savory besan (gram flour) khaman is a flavorful, steamed and so tasty.  This recipe uses no yogurt or curd so it is both vegetarian and vegan.
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Moong Dal Pudla

Vegetable moong dal pudla on a blue plate with green cilantro chutney on the side.

Moong Dal Poodla or Pudla – Moong Dal Chilla – Childa

An easy, protein packed family favorite, green moong dal poodla or pudla/puda recipe which is also known as cheela, chilla or childa in various parts of India.
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Khichu or Papdi No Lot

Popular amongst all age groups this is a steamed and spiced rice flour based dish.  There are no words to do this one justice.  

There is a reason it so popular!

gujarati khichu recipe

20 Minute Gujarati Khichu Recipe – Papdi No Lot

Khichu is a popular Gujarati snack or side dish. Topped with a little oil and methi masala, it is a very quick spicy snack. It is traditionally used to make papad.
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Methi Masala

This is a key ingredient for above (Papdi No Lot).  Sprinkled methi masala on top of papdi no lot with a little oil is perfection!

methi masala or achar masala

Achar Masala or Methi Masala

Methi masala is a spice blend that can be used to make achars (pickled dishes), sprinkled on khichu or khakras or just added to any dish to spice it up!
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Bhakri Pizza

A popular Gujarati street food!

Pile of bhakris on a plate.

Gujarati Bhakri Recipe Crispy Yet Tender

Bhakri is a tasty, hearty Gujarati 3 ingredient flatbread served with meals or eaten as a snack.  It is delicious with a crispy exterior and soft texture inside.
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Methi Na Gota

Fresh fenugreek leaves add BIG flavor to these fritters! A classic and traditional Gujarati dish.

methi na gota pakora

Methi Na Gota

Methi na gota or methi pakora is a traditional Gujarati snack. This is one of many recipes by my Mom that everyone loves.
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Sev Mamra

Sev mamra on a blue plate.

10 Minute Sev Mamra Recipe

Sev mamra or sev murmura is a 10-minute light snack made of puffed rice, spices, and sev.  Tastes great as a crunchy tea-time snack or on the go. It has that crunchy addictiveness of popcorn but with more flavor.
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A quick recipe that can be made easily with cereals.  Like a savory trail mix.

Cereal chevdo in a blue bowl.

15 Minute Delicious Cereal Chevdo (Chevro) or Chivda

Cereal chevdo or cereal chivda is an Indian snack that is savory,crunchy, and addictive! It’s a delicious snack with a cup of masala chai or on the go!
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Sev Khamani

This dish is khaman dhokla crumbled into pieces and served with crispy sev, chutneys, and other toppings.

Sev khamani on a gray plate with pomegranate and sev in the background on plates.

Sev Khamani

Surti sev khamani, also known as amiri khaman is a delicious, popular Gujarati snack made of chana dal khaman.  The khaman is topped with tadka, sev, pomegranate and optionally some chutney.  It is quick to make and protein packed.
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Shakarpara on a gray plate.


Five ingredient shakarpara, sakkarpara or shankarpali is an easy sweet snack flavored with sugar or jaggery and commonly made during festivals such as Diwali. These can be baked or fried. It is more commonly made with sugar but my Mom makes it with jaggery if you are looking for a different option. Perfect for a tea time snack.
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Moraiyo Khichdi

Moraiyo khichdi in a steel bowl on a pink cloth, garnished with green chillies.

Moraiyo Ni Khichdi (Sama ki khichdi)

Moraiyo ni khichdi or sama ke khichdi is a delicious farali khichdi made of barnyard millet, potatoes, chillies and a few spices. It is very easy to make with a type of millet for fasting orvrat/upvas days such as Ekadashi, Navratri, Shivratri etc.
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Gujarati Sweets

Indian desserts are so varied and Gujarat is no exception! 

Find the perfect sweet dish below! 


This is one of the most popular sweets in Gujarat! 

Mohanthal pieces with pistachio garnish on a steel tray.

Best Gujarati Mohanthal Sweet (No Mawa)

Just 6 ingredients to make a homemade Gujarati mohanthal recipe that melts in your mouth! Detailed pictures to learn the tips to make this delicious traditional sweet without mawa.
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Tal Sakri or Til Chikki

This is popular especially during Sankrant.

Sesame Chikki or Til Chikki squares in a half circle on a blue plate resting on a pink fringe cloth.

Sesame Chikki / Til Gud Ki Chikki

Thin, crisp with a crunch and oh so satisfying sesame chikki or til ki chikki/ tal ni chikki. Roasted sesame seeds are folded into melted jaggery in this two ingredient til chikki recipe. Gud til ki chikki recipe is apopular treat for everyday or Indian festivals such as Makar Sankranti.
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Kopra Pak

Kopra pak pieces on a white plate.

Kopra Pak or Topra Pak

20 minute kopra pak or topra pak is Gujarati-style coconut barfi.  It’s an Indian sweet that has a rich coconut taste with hints of cardamom and saffron. 
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Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo No Frying

Churma Ladoo No Frying

Delicious traditional Gujarati churma laddoo recipe made without frying! These ladoos arehearty and often prepared for Ganesh Chaturthi. These authentic Gujarati churma ladoo are popular Indian sweets, especially amongst the brahmin community.  They can be served as part of a Gujarati thali or on their own during festival time
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Sukhdi pieces on a white plate.

15 Minute, 3 Ingredient Sukhdi or Gol Papdi Recipe

This melt-in-your-mouth sukhdi recipe will be ready within 15 minutes! It is a traditional Gujarati sweet recipe.
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Sing Pak

Sing pak or peanut burfi squares on a white laced plate.

Sing Pak or Peanut Burfi

Sing pak, a delicious and hearty sweet ready in 15 minutes. This Gujarati sweet will hit the spot!
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Three magas pieces on a white fluted plate.

25 Minute Gujarati Magas Recipe (Magaj)

Melt in your mouth magas or magaj pak is a traditional Gujarati sweet recipe. Made often for special occasions with a few ingredients on the stovetop.
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From flatbreads to rice and Indian pickles, these will help round out your main course!


Gujarati kadhi in a bowl.

20 Minute Gujarati Kadhi (Stovetop + Instant Pot)

Classic Gujarati kadhi is the perfect tangy, sweet, and spicy balance!  It’s very popular in Gujarati, cozy to dig into, and can be made stove top or in an Instant Pot.
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Pile of bhakris on a plate.

Gujarati Bhakri Recipe Crispy Yet Tender

Bhakri is a tasty, hearty Gujarati 3 ingredient flatbread served with meals or eaten as a snack.  It is delicious with a crispy exterior and soft texture inside.
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Puran Poli

Technically, this could be under dessert too.  But, it is often served as part of a thali in place of rotli or bhakri.

Made often for special occasions! 

Puran poli stack on a napkin.

Gujarati Puran Poli (Vedmi)

This delicious, easy to follow Gujarati puran poli recipe makes wheat flour flatbreads stuffed with a sweet lentil stuffing with hints of cardamom. Uses microwave instead of stovetop for an easier way to make puran! If you’re new to puran poli, you’ll love this detailed, fool-proof recipe.
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Athela Marcha

Athela marcha in a white lace plate.

Gujarati Athela Marcha (Instant Indian Green Chili Pickle)

Athela marcha or Indian green chili pickle is a delicious,tangy, mildy spicy accompaniment or side dish for all types of Indian food. It’seasy to make and adds a zing and depth of flavor to your meal.
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Keri Chundo or Mango Chunda Recipe

Instant Keri No Chundo or Chunda Recipe (Mango)

Mango chunda or keri no chundo is a traditional Gujarati recipe for a sweet and spicy mango pickle.  This is an easy stovetop recipe, ready quickly to enjoy!
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Carrot Pickle

Gajar ka achaar.

Easy Indian Carrot Pickle (Gujarati)

Indian carrot pickle is a delicious, tangy, mildly spicy accompaniment or side dish for all types of Indian food.
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Turmeric Pickle

Fresh turmeric root pickle in a glass jar.

Fresh Turmeric Pickle (Gujarati)

Traditional Gujarati turmeric pickle is easy to make. Learn two ways to make this haldi ka achaar – with or without oil.
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Basmati Rice

Indian basmati rice on a blue plate with a steel serving spoon.

Authentic Indian Basmati Rice: Stovetop, Rice Cooker or Instant Pot

Get ready for the Best Indian Basmati rice! Perfect, easy way to get fluffy, easy basmati rice three ways: stove top, rice cooker or Instant Pot! Round out your favorite dish with a heaping side of warm, fragrant basmati rice!
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Sona Masoori Rice

Sona masoori rice on a gray plate with a white serving spoon.

Perfect Sona Masoori Rice (Stovetop,Instant Pot, Rice Cooker)

Get ready to learn how to make perfect, easy way to get fluffy, easy sona masoori rice three ways: stove top, rice cooker, or Instant Pot! Round out your favorite dish with a heaping side of warm, delicious rice.
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Jeera Rice

jeera rice cumin rice

Jeera Rice or Cumin Rice

Warm comforting bowl of fluffy, non-sticky jeera (cumin) rice. Make easily on stove top with a few pantry staples.
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Other Popular Dishes

I’m working my way through adding more Gujarati recipes I learned from my mom. Some more coming up are:

Dal dhokli: Masala (spiced) whole wheat flour pieces are simmered in a pigeon peas dal.

Methi thepla:  Made with whole wheat flour and fenugreek leaves is a key Gujju food!  I’ll be posting it soon!

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