Quick & Easy Vegetarian Indian Dinner Recipes & Ideas

Dal fry in a blue bowl with jeera rice and red onions with a spoon in the bowl.

A roundup of 21 vegetarian Indian dinner dishes and recipes that are easy to make, lip smacking and satisfying! This list includes both authentic, traditional Indian dinner recipes as well as Indian fusion dishes to inspire your meal!  Many dishes are one pot, making your weeknight dinners ready in a jiff!

All recipes are vegetarian, many are vegan. Where possible, I also offer alternative vegan options.

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Traditional North Indian Dinner

North Indian dinners, specifically Gujarati dinners, consist of a vegetable (sabzi or shaak), roti, dal and rice.  These days, I usually just make vegetable or paneer dish and roti or rice alongside some dal. You can also just make the vegetable dish or just make the dal.  You can also just have a big rice dish (biryani) and serve it with raita (or yogurt). Mix and match as it fits your needs.


Dependent on the dish, some accompaniments to Indian meals can include:

  1. Raita (paired often with thepla or rice dishes)
  2. Achar
  3. Papad (often served with khichdi)
  4. Yogurt or Chaas (Lassi)
  5. Kachumber – Indian salad
  6. Chutney

What to serve with Indian food?

Dependent on the dishes chosen, one or more of these are served with Indian food:

  1. Roti
  2. Rice
  3. Parantha
  4. Naan
  5. Thepla

For a sweet ending to the meal, don’t forget about adding an Indian sweet to the menu!

Authentic Vegetarian Indian Dinner Ideas

Dal fry in a blue bowl with rice, onions and a curry leaf garnish with a silver spoon to the side.

Easy Dal Fry With Dhaba Style Trick (Instant Pot, Stove Top, Pressure Cooker)

Easy dal fry with dhaba style trick/option.  Make it in an Instant Pot, pressure cooker or stovetop. It is a thick, hearty dal that is tempered / has tadka with big, delicious flavors of garlic, onions, tomatoes and spices. Serve it with some basmati rice or jeera rice and you are set for dinner!
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Palak dal or spinach dal in gray bowl with jeera rice and papad on brown table

Palak Dal (Spinach Dal)

Spinach dal is an easy one pot meal and perfect comfort food. Dal means lentils so this is a hearty lentil soup packed with iron rich spinach. This has an Instant Pot, stovetop and pressure cooker methods.
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chawli or lobia masala

Lobia Palak Recipe – Chawli – Lobia Masala (Black eyed peas and spinach Indian dish)

Authentic lobia recipe that is so easy to make, hearty and filled with flavor. Also called chawli.
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gobi matar or cauliflower shaak in a bowl on a gray plate.

Easy Gujarati Peas and Cauliflower Shaak (Gobi Matar Dry)

Authentic Indian Gujarati curried cauliflower and peas shaak! It's a cozy simple meal perfect for weeknight dinners and beginners just learning about Indian cooking. Easy to make and delicious!
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Sukhi bhaji a farali dry potato bhaji in a silver bowl with curry leaves on a gray dish.

Sukhi Bhaji – Farali Recipe – Potato Bhaji

Ready in 10 minutes, this is a farali recipe of Gujarati potato sukhi bhaji or dry potato bhaji which is a combination of spicy, sweet, tangy and nutty.  A delicious and easy potato sabzi with nuts for extra flavor. It is made often for upvas as a bataka ni sukhi bhaji. Also known as sukhi aloo bhaji.
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bhinda nu shaak indian okra recipes

Gujarati Bhinda Nu Shaak (Fresh or Frozen)

Traditional Indian okra recipe from Gujarat, bhinda nu shaak. Ready within 20 minutes!
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karela nu shaak bitter melon curry

Karela Nu Shaak (bitter melon Indian style)

Bitter gourd vegetable side or shaak. Traditional Indian Gujarati dish called karela nu shaak or bateta karela shaak as it has potatoes.
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Bharela bhinda nu shaak in an oval bowl.

Bharela Bhinda nu Shaak or Bharwa Bhindi

Bharwa bhindi or bharela bhindi nu shaak is a delicious stuffed bhindi or okra recipe that is simple to make in 25 minutes! It is a bit crisp on the outside and gives a burst of flavor and spice from the masala stuffing. It is vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.
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jeera rice cumin rice

Jeera Rice or Cumin Rice

Warm comforting bowl of fluffy, non-sticky jeera (cumin) rice. Make easily on stove top with a few pantry staples.
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Beet Dosas Pink Dosas

Beet Dosas

Crispy dosas made of rice and urad dal are brightened with the addition of beet and spices
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Vegetable moong dal pudla on a blue plate with green cilantro chutney on the side.

Moong Dal Poodla or Pudla – Moong Dal Chilla – Childa

An easy, protein packed family favorite, green moong dal poodla or pudla/puda recipe which is also known as cheela, chilla or childa in various parts of India.
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Vegetarian Indian Fusion Dinner Ideas

Taco board with paneer, jalapenos, bell peppers and spice lime crema.

Jalapeno Paneer Corn Tacos with Lime Spice Crema – Indian Mexican Fusion

Paneer tacos is an Indian fusion dish with Mexican twist. Paneer is served made crispy with garlic infused oil and flavorful spices not usually used with paneer to give it a yummy new taste.
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tandoori paneer tikka tacos

Tandoori Paneer Tikka Tacos

Indian Mexican fusion dish of tandoori paneer tikka tacos is fresh, spicy and has a hint of sweet with mango jalapeno crema. Served with a green chutney inspired salsa.
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aloo tikki burger sweet potato tikki burger

Aloo Tikki Burger – Sweet potato burger

Aloo tikkis are turned into an Indian fusion potato burger that blends sweet potatoes, veggies, and spices
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Tandoori masala macaroni and cheese on a blue plate with a fork and steamed broccoli to the side on a pink cloth.

Tandoori Masala Macaroni and Cheese – Indian Style Pasta

Creamy, spicy and cheesy tandoori/tikka masala macaroni and cheese! Stovetop Indian style macaroni pasta that is easy to make with no flour and satisfies the craving for a tasty, easy meal in one pot.
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spicy indian fusion pasta

Cheesy Chole Pasta – Spicy Indian Fusion Pasta

Using a popular dish chole (chana masala) and turning it into a spicy yummyIndian inspired pasta
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spicy lemon spaghetti in a plate with basil and corn

Spicy Pasta al Limone

Spicy, lemony cheese sauce meets spaghetti! Inspired by masala corn which is found often throughout India.
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indian fusion lasagna

Veg Lasagna Recipe Indian Style: Palak Pesto Lasagna

Palak (Indian spiced spinach) Pesto Lasagna! Fusing cuisines from India and Italy to bring a spin of warm and spicy flavors to the traditional lasagna.
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dry chilli chana with quinoa

Chilli Chana

Chilli chana is a popular Indian-chinese appetizer. Crunchy chick peas are tossed in a spicy sauce with capsicum, onions and garlic. While it is traditionally deep fried, this recipe offers a pan fry and bake option to make a healthier version.
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chilli paneer noodles in a wok

Chilli Paneer Noodles

Chilli paneer is a popular Indian-chinese appetizer. This recipe takes the spicy chilli paneer and turns it into a delicious spicy noodle based meal with bell peppers and onions.
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grilled garlic basil paneer on a plate with tomato

Grilled Garlic Basil Paneer Recipe

Paneer infused with flavors of garlic and basil and grilled for a smoky flavor. Can be served so many ways, such as caprese salad style with fresh tomatoes, basil and balsamic reduction.
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