12+ Easy Veg Indian Breakfast Recipes

Indian breakfast recipes collage

Easy Indian breakfast recipes for your busy mornings! This round up includes breakfast ideas that are common in Indian households plus few new ideas to help you change up your breakfast routine!

This list of recipes are:

  • Vegetarian, many vegan
  • Easy recipes, don’t take a long time to make!
  • Use basic Indian spices
  • Many can also be served as brunch or lunch
Quinoa upma, one pot meal ready in a pan with a serving spoon.

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day it can be hard to come up with new ideas! I hope this list inspires you with some ideas for meals to help maintain a balanced diet.

Indian cuisine is so varied across the country, the best part is the ability to really experience new flavors and twists in each state. These easy breakfast recipes include many North Indian dishes as well as a twist on a favorite South India breakfast dish. 


Chutneys are included to pair with items such as pudla and instant dosa and paneer bhurji. I also have a recipe for authentic chai masala because no Indian breakfast is complete without a cup of piping hot chai!

I have more coming such as methi theplas, instant idli recipes, quinoa dosa to name a few.  Follow along my Instagram or favorite this page to check back!


Traditionally upma is made using semolina (rava), this version uses quinoa in its place. Add in green peas and lots of vegetables and you have a delicious breakfast.

Quinoa Upma in an oblong scalloped plate.

Best Quinoa Upma Recipe – One Pot Meal

Quinoa upma is a delicious one pot meal. Filled with veggies and good for your spices, this dish can be made under 30 minutes. When you are looking for a quick and filling breakfast or lunch, this fits the bill!
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Pudla or Cheela

Pudlas are savory pancakes made of various flours or dals. This one is made of green moong dal. also known as moong dal cheela. Cheelas are a great way to use grains to make quick meals. Another version of cheelas is often made with besan flour (gram flour or chickpea flour).

Vegetable moong dal pudla on a blue plate with green cilantro chutney on the side.

Moong Dal Poodla or Pudla – Moong Dal Chilla – Childa

An easy, protein packed family favorite, green moong dal poodla or pudla/puda recipe which is also known as cheela, chilla or childa in various parts of India.
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Khaman is a steamed savory dish, packed with protein (chickpea flour /gram flour). It is easy to make and a Gujarati favorite. Topped with coconut, green chillies, curry leaves and mustard seeds tempering or tadka. It tastes great with either a green chutney or garlic besan chutney.

Khaman with tadka poured on top and dessicated coconut.

Instant 30 Minute Khaman Dhokla Recipe – (Besan)

Moist and spongy traditional Gujarati khaman dhokla recipe! This instant savory besan (gram flour) khaman is a flavorful, steamed and so tasty.  This recipe uses no yogurt or curd so it is both vegetarian and vegan.
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Sev Khamani

While this is made with chana dal, you could also use leftover khaman from the above recipe to make a similar dish. You simply tear up khaman pieces, add a tempering and some toppings like sev for crunch!

Sev khamani on a gray plate with pomegranate and sev in the background on plates.

Sev Khamani

Surti sev khamani, also known as amiri khaman is a delicious, popular Gujarati snack made of chana dal khaman.  The khaman is topped with tadka, sev, pomegranate and optionally some chutney.  It is quick to make and protein packed.
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Beetroot Dosa

This instant dosa recipe is an easy way to get a quick meal. Tastes great with coconut chutney or tomato chutney for dosa.

Beet Dosas Pink Dosas

Beet Dosas

Crispy dosas made of rice and urad dal are brightened with the addition of beet and spices
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Chutney Recipes

Since chutneys are key to many Indian dishes here you will find a list of 12+ chutneys that you can make to eat with breakfast. Click through for links to full recipe.

4 chutneys in a collage for 12+ chutney recipes

What is Chutney? + 12 Chutney Recipes

Chutney is a savory or sweet and spiced condiment or accompaniment to many dishes.  They are quick to make at home and will help you to level up and add depth to your everyday dishes! See recipe card for 10 minute mint green chutney for samosas, sandwiches and so much more. Plus, learn 12 more chutney recipes.
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Chilli Cheese Toast

A super easy to make toast for breakfast or brunch. Use up your leftover veggies to make this delicious cheesy toast.

Chili cheese toast with veggies and spiced cheese on top.

BEST 20 Minute Indian Chili Cheese Toast

Indian style chilli cheese toast with buttery toast, cheese, spices and vegetables. Makes for a great snack or light lunch.
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Sabudana Khichdi

A very popular dish made with tapioca pearls, potatoes and spices. Always a crowd pleaser and tastes great with a side of yogurt.

Sabudana khichdi in an ornate gold plate with a smaller bowl of yogurt to the side.

Sabudana Khichdi

A cozy bowl of non-sticky sabudana khichdi balanced with spices and a hint of lemon is just what you need today! This is a very popular Maharashtrian breakfast or brunch dish. It is made with potatoes, tapioca pearls, spices and ground roasted peanuts which gives you many textures in a delicious dish. It is also a favorite dish for fasting/upvas during Navratri, Ekadashi, Shravan month or other fasting days. Sabudana is also known as sago, another word for tapioca pearls, made from the starch of roots of cassava.
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Moraiyo no Khichdi

This dish uses a grain, barnyard millet. It is also great for breakfast or brunch.

Moraiyo khichdi in a steel bowl on a pink cloth, garnished with green chillies.

Moraiyo Ni Khichdi (Sama ki khichdi)

Moraiyo ni khichdi or sama ke khichdi is a delicious farali khichdi made of barnyard millet, potatoes, chillies and a few spices. It is very easy to make with a type of millet for fasting orvrat/upvas days such as Ekadashi, Navratri, Shivratri etc.
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Poha Chivda

A crunchy snack or “naasto” that is delicious with a cup of chai.

Poha chevdo in a bowl with peanuts, cashews and raisins.

Roasted Poha Chevdo

Quick Indian snack that is great with chai in which poha (flattened rice), dry fruits and spices come together for a lip smacking treat! Like a savory trail mix.
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Chai Masala

For many Indian households, there is no way to start the day other than a delicious cup of chai. Key to making an authentic cup of chai is chai masala.

how to make chai masala

Authentic Chai Masala Powder Recipe – Chai Spice Mix

Authentic, five ingredient, authentic Indian chai masala powder recipe also known as chai spice made in 5 minutes!  Use it to make a cup of chai, chai spice cookies, masala chai ice cream and more!
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Gulab Jamun Pancakes

These golden brown pancakes are snuck onto this list because they are divine!

gulab jamun pancakes

Gulab Jamun Pancakes

Gulab jamun pancakes, an Indian fusion treat. Flavors of gulab jamun, a popular Indian dessert, infused into pancakes!
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Breakfast toasts

Five ideas that include some to make Indian inspired toasts with seasonal foods (fruits). One uses methi masala which is found in the recipe card below!

Five Breakfast Toasts on parchment with fruit and garnish

5 Easy Breakfast Toastie Ideas – Summer Fruit

Elevate your morning toast with these five new ideas for breakfast toast
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Hope you enjoyed these breakfast recipes!

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